Artistic Expertise in Belconnen

For when experience matters

With over 30 years of experience in framing art and memorabilia, our owner, Andrew, is a craftsman at heart with a Bachelors in Visual Arts. All our frames are chosen and built with your story in mind. Our frames fit seamlessly in your home or office, while boldly telling your item’s story. Our work is truly unique. 

We stock a wide range of exciting products for all types of art and memorabilia presentation. 

Traditional, understated frames. Beautiful, ornate frames. We have the perfect accompanying frame for each and every piece. We also offer a wide range of artistic and creative products to help bring out your inner artist.

As experts in framing and presentation, we deliver only the best results. All our products are chosen for their quality, durability, and aesthetics. Each frame is quality built from the ground up with quality products to provide the best protection and presentation for your special keepsakes.

Framing advice  

We know how important your items and the look of your home or business are to you.

We provide expert advice on options for art framing so as to best preserve your items, present them in the most suitable, fashionable and beautiful ways, and to help you ensure that they will look good on your walls with your decor.

Framing products 

At Belconnen Picture Framing, we stock a range of exciting products. We have traditional and understated frames, ornate frames and a host of artistic and creative products and materials for you to have fun with.

As experts in the business, we want to deliver the very best results. That’s why all of our products and materials are chosen for quality, durability and aesthetics.
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